New Wave Activism

The link above contains the story of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange giving praise to Edward Snowden the man responsible for uncovering mass surveillance strategies by the United States government.  the name Julian Assange holds special weight, because his site Wikileaks is responsible for uncovering some of the largest injustices and worldwide government secrets for the past decade.  With the impact of actual protest and activism dwindling over the past few decades global citizens are finding new ways to protest the power structure.  The most successful and new form of activism has been given the name “hacktivism”.  A short history of the worlds most influential hacktivist actions are below.

As far as the the every day person is concerned, the internet may be the largest way for normal citizens to make a difference.  The web has made it possible for information to move very quickly.  Just as culture and comedic things can quickly travel through message boards, forums and social networks, so can the details of a global event or development.  Sites such as Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange have been deemed as heroes of this time period.  The release of documents on several key global events such as details of United States governments actions toward terrorist suspects at Guantanamo bay and the recent release of the Kissinger cables (confidential diplomatic documents) are some of the most dynamic pieces of investigative  reporting in recent history.  Many question whether it is morally correct for websites such as Wikileaks to function.  They also question how these sites or hackers may obtain their information.  Regardless of the way in which they acquired their information, many can nt deny the impact or the importance of most of the information they have released.

Hacktivism can cause quite a stir. Hackers are capable of causing a fair amount of mayhem in order to prove a point.  The question is, when is this still considered a new form of activism and when is it considered a crime?

Do you view hacktivism as a positive or a negative aspect of internet culture?

Would you personally view websites such as Wikileaks or other hacktivists to be justified in their actions?

Do you think governments there should be tough law for those caught engaging in hacktivism?

Is there a better way for citizens to engage in protest, rather than online?


Julian Assange

Julian Assange (Photo credit: acidpolly)