How can Organizations be trusted to do what they are promising?

“Much to the horror of many human rights activists, Invisible Children is not known for spreading accurate information as much as it’s known for spreading information widely.”

This is a quote I pulled out of an Article in the Huffington Post. It critiques the Invisible Children Organization and shows the way it has spread its message through manipulation of its audiences and by using a youth front to hide their true intentions as an organization.

Here is a link if you wanna read it:

Something that this article made me think about that is related is how do you know when you can trust a particular organization or charity to do what it claims to and not be a scam. Think of all of those commercials we see with the guilt-tripping guy showing all the starving kids.

I always get sad and want to help and can’t help but wonder if we can trust them and which ones you can trust. How do you really truly know that your money is saving a the kid for a dollar a day. I hate to think the world is that corrupt but when you think that alot of those kinds or organizations in particular are likely out of the country.

Think about those sad Sarah Mclachlan commercials with the dogs that are abused.

Are they taking  advantage or sympathetic people that want to help to a small part in saving dogs or children. or to donate a certain charity/organization?

How can we ever know for certain where our money is going exactly? Do companies  actually do the things they say and what ways can we track our donations to certain organizations?

Are you guys optimistic or cynical when it comes to organizations and charities that claim to help people, animals etc. ? Or do you believe that most are legit programs that help people?