A Neutral Perspective

Net Neutrality is a subject of concern among many avid internet users today. It is a term that means Internet Service Providers shouldn’t be allowed to dictate what pages you surf on the web. They shouldn’t be able to try to persuade you into switching from Google to Yahoo because, for some reason, Google is not loading .And why is that happening? Because your ISP is purposefully making it difficult for you to get on certain pages that they are not affiliated with.

The major companies causing the fuss are Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and the FCC. The companies are attempting to create a monopoly over certain sites that would more or less put an end to surfing freely on the internet. Which would seem like an easy problem to solve, if In 2011, Congress had not rejected the internet neutrality rules.

Like the “Ask a Ninja” man said: “It’s like replacing the girl at Hot Dog on a Stick making lemonade with a hairy man squirting bacon into a cup who looks like Robin Williams, but a less funny version.”

So when you put it like that, sure. It seems a lot worse. But I’ve got to ask – Is it really fair to compare alternative search engines such as Bing! and Yahoo to a hairy, less funny version of Robin Williams squirting bacon into a cup?

I may not be picky, but in my experience, they all do the same things.

As Henry Blodget says in the article “All Bits Are Not Created Equal,”┬átry comparing it to a real life scenario. It doesn’t seem as ridiculous.

“Imagine if the Post Office (or FedEx, or UPS, or DHL, or any trucking or transport company) were legally prohibited from charging more for delivering some stuff sooner than other stuff. Ridiculous, right?”

Of course, I realize the issue at hand is larger than search engines. It’s about your rights to surf the web, which gets down to the principle of the matter. But even so, I do think that congress may have bigger fish to fry than making sure we only use Google instead of – god forbid – Yahoo, or, dare I say — Bing.

So I’m only going to ask you to consider the unpopular opinion. How do you feel about the regulations? Do you think this is something that congress needs to action on, now?