Are the people of the future dumb?

It seems like the critics  have been criticizing technology ever since it began to advance and improve our way of life. Every time something seems to get a little bit easier for us the people who are “old school” come out and say that the new technology we are using is making us stupid. But that simply is not the case. In the NPR article that we are required to read this week there was a study done at Columbia University claims that Google is in fact changing the way we use our minds and is in a sense making the human race dumber.

When I first read the study it actually made a lot of sense to me and I was pretty convinced,  but then when I read the NPR article in rebuttal of it, I changed my mind and sided with the author of the (NPR) article. There is a line in the article that says, “It’s a down-home illustration of the fact that we naturally tend to offload our memory tasks onto the world around us” which I believe is true. When we read a book we don’t sit and memorize the page and word we left off on, we simply fold the page or leave a bookmark so that we wont have to reach into our memory circuits to retrieve the information (this was an example used in the article, but it is a great one).

If we think about the internet and fast paced advancement of technology hasn’t made anyone dumb, it only has expanded our minds and made us more aware and knowledgeable of the world and every aspect of it. With the click of button we read up on the latest developmental procedures being used around the world in medicine and business. If a tragic event happens on the other side of the world we instantly know. People post their problems online and we begin to think of ways to solve it.

A perk (or disadvantage) of having everything so available to is that now we are able to monitor multiple things happening all at once. Multitasking has become the norm, but does our enhanced ability to multitask detach us even more from the world around us?

I guess what the issue I was trying to address here was:

Can technology change the way we think and act?


Is multitasking a temptation that is dangerous?